Speedtractor lab takes shape

All the greatest ideas in the world remain lifeless and mute without an appropriate lair,laboratory or darkened corner from which to spring. So we finally got our priorities straight, stopped hooning around on the donnor bikes, put down the tasty spare parts and began by building a workshop space.

With floorspace at a ridiculous premium here in Tokyo, we’re having to start the ball rolling with just 13 square meters ( 124 sq ft ) of bare concrete, nestled roughly between Shibuya and Shimokita, but thats enough for buy-in and we figure it provides a wealth of fodder for moody “humble beginnings” quotes once we start to make something of ourselves someway down the track.

High~ish ceiling to give us space to hang parts, timber was the material of choice, fits in with the surrounding landscape and seemed to stand up to the ongoing tremors ok although it lets out some wicked moans during the bigger ones.