Taste the GreatnessTaste the Greatness

Honda has a lot to answer for. While still at a malleable young age we were bombarded with imagery like this one. Snap shots of super natural, Moto-4 clad heroes with magical powers of flight, riding wheelie prone monsters, in fancy tri-colour pants. Our tender brains soaked them up like sponges, filing them away deep in our subconscious, under the category “want”.

What Honda didn’t show in the picture is the fractures in the mans shin bones and bruised legs from when he learnt the hard way about kick back, or the fact he carries the water bottle to prevent dehydration from the lather he works himself into trying to start a hot and flooded motor. Most importantly what they failed to illustrate is the gigantic, shit-eating grin this guys wearing under his helmet as he rips along.

We know all this now because 25 years on, we just got one and even though it took more than a week (and one small broken foot bone) to learn how to start it, damn it if it isn’t the silliest fun we’ve had in a decade. Now all we need is the pants to match.

This lucky XR600 is destined for greatness (or perhaps great humiliation) as it will shortly be press ganged into our XR/CL mash up in the honorable role of donor bike A.