Moto Christmas in SeptemberMoto Christmas in September

When we finally got through the day’s chores and had a chance to meet up at the Speedtractor Lab for some quality creative time we were in for a big surprise (and no it wasn’t the teddy bears’ picnic, because we’re located in town, not the woods). Waiting for us were three brown boxes filled with goodies, dropped off moments before by our friendly Takyubin guy.

Upon opening, said boxes revealed the missing pieces to the CL/XR600 mash up that is currently sitting in a state of…flux.

A fresh 150mm wide alloy guard which will nestle nicely out the back of the bread loaf seat we’ve pinched off an XL, a set of tidy plain anodized headlight stays, oversized to accept the healthy girth of the 43mm fork sliders and a moody gold tank which is in fine shape for its 40 year age, the Hokaido touring sticker a give away as to why it is so rust free.

There is nothing like new toys to stoke the fires of motivation, but there is also nothing like 28 degrees and a clear autumn night sky to go for a burn around Tokyo (besides, down the street the guys from Animal Boat were revving it up to tease us). So we did what any self respecting builders would do, we forgot all about making bikes and instead got on a couple that ran and took off for a blast.

We promise we’ll be back in time to grab some shut eye and stay fresh enough to mount the parts tomorrow…or the day after, honest.