Suzuki Grass Tracker Vintage Motocross Style Rear GuardSuzuki Grass Tracker Vintage Motocross Style Rear Guard

We love Vintage Motocross and what its done for raising the profile of old MX bikes and even older MX riders but damn has it driven the prices of decent old dirt-bikes through the roof. If you’ve tried to pick up anything in running condition from the 70’s with anything less than briefcase full of unmarked bills you’ll know what we mean, and don’t even think about grabbing that Elsinore you fancied for weekend blasts through the mud unless you’ve got a kidney out on ice ready to go.

One of our mates was in the same boat, loving the VMX vibe but not the price of entry, so he challenged us to craft something up that captured some of the feel of MX’s glory days, but that allowed you to walk into a store and buy spares and aftermarket parts off the shelf.

Our reply, the Speedtractor T-71 concept, a Suzuki Grass tracker big boy reworked with a leaner, more purposeful stance, early RM-esque styling and minimalist lighting gear to keep it looking ready for action. Full build posts to come once our man is happy with the finished product.

Along the way we sourced fresh plastics from the leading US manufacturers and remolded them for a neat factor fit under the current Grass Tracker rear frame. The end result was so sweet and easy to install we’ve decided to offer them up for sale.

Pictured above is the rear guard, offering TM/RM curves, period correct Suzuki yellow molded in a durable thick thermo plastic that should handle a few get offs gracefully.

Made to order, contact us for pricing and availability. Fits to Suzuki Grass Tracker 250 and Bigboy rear frame loop and matches up with the existing inner guard. Can be supplied pre drilled to suit (as shown).