December, 2011

Dec 06




Yokohama Custom Show 2011Yokohama Custom Show 2011

Well, with its arrival signaling another year having whipped by (the Yokohama Custom show not Xmas that is) Speedtractor took a moment to reflect on progress for the last 365 days. Moment being a fitting descriptor, as the reflection took far less time than expected, mostly due to ambition having exceeded ability and available time more often than not.

We missed our goal of exhibiting this year, but after an afternoon drooling over the fruits of others labor, we decided all is not lost and that 2012 is the official year of the custom motorcycle pipe dream (again??).

So while we take stock and try to mastermind the first bold moves of the new year, enjoy a couple of substandard images from all the tasty treats on display last Sunday, both at the show and in the car park.
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