Hand made in Japan – GP Enduro muffler

Winter this year was nasty and long. Kind of the opposite of this short, sweet and fruity little number, hot off the tip of our TIG welder. Speedtractor’s GP Enduro muffler was inspired by some period imagery we came across documenting valiant efforts at race prepping early Honda’s, in particular some lardy SL’s.

With mild steel as our friend and heat proof matte black its side kick, a simple glass packed straight through takes care of business and keeps the weight down while the triple curves allowing it to tuck in nice and tight, mirroring the sub-frame stay. The tip makes no bones about shoveling hot gases just far enough off center to avoid cooking the rear shock. Deep river crossings are now limited only by bravado (and your air cleaner height!).

One of the crew’s first bikes was a K0 series SL’s, with a stumpy hot-dog mid pipe off some old V8, welded on in place of the weighty original. So it was with eyes moistened with nostalgia that we fitted the prototype GP Enduro to a grass tracker and enjoyed the moody tunes it was now able to provide. Naturally this quickly became a test ride in the snow, resulting in a mandatory low-side, trashing the end can’s lovely black paint job, damn it (as shown above).