March, 2012

Mar 29




Say hello to the Speedtractor T-71 VMX conceptSay hello to the Speedtractor T-71 VMX concept

Fancy a tasty vintage MX ride to spice up the daily commute? So did one of our mates, so he turned to us for help.The brief was simple, a VMX bike without the hassles of the “V” when it came to day to day running and parts.

Imagine 106 kilograms of the finest modern day 70’s tech money can buy: long travel, dual spring lay down twin shocks, kick start, no battery, steel frame, air cooled 250cc single, Speedtractor’s own hand made in Japan GP Enduro exhaust, US made VMX plastics, mini-tank, near invisible lighting and running gear to allow it to hit the highways, high-n-wide bars, sumptuous bread loaf seat and the mandatory Gasser throttle.
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