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Underway !

We’re at it again. Following the response to our short film TOKYO DIRT, including New York Film Festival Official Selection, Speedtractor Industries, Animal Boat Custom Cycles and Iceblock Films have joined forces once more, this time with several additional Japanese top custom motorcycle builders and designers to create…

TOKYO GONE, a short film about Aki, one of the city’s 30 million residents and her escape from the daily grind of the megalopolis, one stunning custom motorcycle at a time.

Along the way, repainting the image of female riders as what they truly are – kick-ass individuals with exceptional taste!

Where We Are At:

The story is set and screen play written, lead roles cast, locations booked and filming set to commence mid March 2015. First release is slated for late Summer/Autumn 2015.

Iceblock Films has come to the party with over $8000 worth of filming, equipment rental and editing expertise set aside for the production.

Speedtractor and Animalboat have greased the wheels so to speak, securing some of Tokyo’s most jaw dropping motorcycles yet to be captured on film.

We’ve also had a whisper in the ear of some spirited Tokyo motorcycle lovers who helped find just the people we needed to fill lead roles of Aki and Motorcycle Bastard.

Helping Us Make TOKYO GONE:

Motorcycles are cool, but what they contribute to so many, along with the passion for life and two wheeled adventures they trigger, is rarely captured compelling on film the way TOKYO GONE will.

It is also refreshing to know you’ll be a part of redefining the role of women as REAL motorcyclists, rather than motorcycle accessories or play-time riders, something so often perpetuated through mass media and marketing.

Aki’s story is loads of fun, but more importantly, her role helps fight the tidal wave of imagery of the defenseless female draped over machine, instead, painting her for what female riders truly are – kick-ass individuals with exceptional taste!

At the end of the day, TOKYO GONE will be an engaging short film that will reach and entertain hundreds of thousands of viewers globally, with a unique dose of the essence of moto cool. It will also be a film that our daughters will watch and know that motorcycling is their domain too.

Oct 20




RetroMoto Exhibition
a Wrap for 2014

Thanks to all who stopped by RetroMoto and congratulations to the lucky few who decided to make a motorcycle from the show their own. Keep an eye on us for more motorcycle fueled shenanigans in 2015, Instagram #speedtractor.

レトロモトにお越しいただきありがとうございました。また会場でバイクを購入して頂いたお客様ありがとうございます。Instagram #speedtractor では次のイベントやバイク等を紹介しています。次回まで、オープニングフィルムをお楽しみください!


May 16




Pechakucha Shares Speedtractor Love of Motorcycle Design

We introduced an international audience of 300 design professionals to global custom motorcycle design trends at the Pechakucha Tokyo event in April. Even US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, showed up though unfortunately declined a ride. Maybe next time. Special thanks to bikeexif for the exceptional images.


May 02




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Apr 30




Toyko Dirt Short Film


TOKYO DIRT from Speedtractor on Vimeo.