Feb 20




Hand made in Japan – GP Enduro muffler

Winter this year was nasty and long. Kind of the opposite of this short, sweet and fruity little number, hot off the tip of our TIG welder. Speedtractor’s GP Enduro muffler was inspired by some period imagery we came across documenting valiant efforts at race prepping early Honda’s, in particular some lardy SL’s.

With mild steel as our friend and heat proof matte black its side kick, a simple glass packed straight through takes care of business and keeps the weight down Read more →

Oct 25




Suzuki Grass Tracker Vintage Motocross Style Rear GuardSuzuki Grass Tracker Vintage Motocross Style Rear Guard

We love Vintage Motocross and what its done for raising the profile of old MX bikes and even older MX riders but damn has it driven the prices of decent old dirt-bikes through the roof. If you’ve tried to pick up anything in running condition from the 70’s with anything less than briefcase full of unmarked bills you’ll know what we mean, and don’t even think about grabbing that Elsinore you fancied for weekend blasts through the mud unless you’ve got a kidney out on ice ready to go.
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